Can Do attitude

My Dears,

We have just came back from one of the most famous wedding fairs - Interbride 2019.

It took us quite a lot of efforts to apply for this fair, but it really was worth it.

We have met our current clients, who were extremely happy to see out new collections. Also we have met lots of new clients who became very interested in our dresses.

Every time we go to the wedding exhibitions, it really takes a lot of time to prepare everything. We have to think about every small thing, because if we forget something at home, we will not have it with us at the fair, and it may ruin all the efforts.

This time we decided to bring all the lighting with us. It has been a great experience for me, as a manager. At home, in Estonia, I have tried to set up the lightning myself and I was really fine with that. It really very interesting to connect the electricity, although I do not advice you to try it at home. After the MK of the electric specialist, I was sure I can manage.

So the day X came, and I was at the fair with all the lightning, cables and a stairs. I expected this would take me about 1 hours to connect all the cables and to make it work. Well it took a little bit more - 3 hours to connect 15 lightnings. and you know what? I did it! All really worked out and our stand was really light and shiny.

While I was connecting all the cables every man, who was passing by, has stopped, and told me that I am cool :) It was really funny to see their faces, because not every man can deal with electricity.

That was the beginning of the fair.

And maybe thanks to that emotions and the I CAN attitude, the fair was a success for all out team. We did a great job!

With this post I would like to start the blog of Your Bridal Look and to say that even if you are a beginner, and even if it takes time to learn, you should never give up, you should believe in yourself and then the sweet feeling of success will come. Trust me, it is really so.

And of course a picture of our beautiful dresses, to light up your day.

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