Who cares for the deliveries?

When the dress is ready, packed and waiting for the transport company to come and take it to the bridal shop, one may think that our responsibility as the manufacturer is over and we have only to sit back and check how the dress "goes" from the manufacture to the bridal shop.

No, no and no. That is the part when the action begins. I tell you a little about our job and I am sure you will understand why the delay with the deliveries happen.

When the pick up is ordered, we wait for the transport company to come for the dress. But sometimes it happens that the shipping company has a lot of work and they do not come at the right day, and do not come the next day and sometimes the next day. Although they keep promising to pick up the parcels and the parcels keep on waiting to be picked up.

I believe that the manufacture, who sends out the dress, is responsible for the dress from the moment we receive the order and till it is safely delivered to the bridal shop. That is why we worry about every pick up and every delivery.

We use different transport companies and sometimes I have such a feeling that they seem to "hate" us, as we start calling and e-mailing them as soon as we see a small delay in the delivery.

It takes from several hours to several days to manage the delay. Even if we find the reason of the delay, the time is already gone and we only have to wait for the parcel to arrive. That is the reason why we try to send out the dresses as early as possible. You can't believe how much we care about every dress and every parcel and what we are ready to do to make the parcel be delivered on time.

I hope that you have never had any problems with postal and transport companies and I hope you will never have. Or if you have been in a situation when your parcel has been delayed, lost or damaged - share this situation with us and we will try to support you in every way that we can.

By now, all our dresses have been delivered on time and even earlier, and I am sure no mater what we ill deliver our beautiful dresses to you on time no mater what ...

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